Taking Time to do Nothing Often Brings Everything Into Perspective

  I’m on the island of Molokai which is called the Friendly Isle and is a relief to slow down on in its vortex of calm..  Taking a two hour ferry from Lahaina  after a 10 minute walk along the shore from my hotel started the reduction in speed rather than a speedy run to […]

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Maui On My Mind and in My Mouth–A Starter

  Having left the LavaLand isle of Hawaii behind, it’s a new world on Maui–The Valley Isle–with a van ride to Lahaina where the boats rock merrily in the harbour.  I’ll be taking one for a four hour trip to the island of Molokai–The Friendly Isle–at dawn tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to luxuriate […]

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It’s A Jeep… No It’s a Merc

A day on the Big Island is like an OD of sunshine and tropical breezes saturated by floral scents. Just makes you want to hop into your ride and cruise the lava fields, coffee plantations and shorelines. So that’s what we did, not in this faux-woody beach cruiser made out of a Mercedes, but in […]

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Manta Madness in LavaLand

I used to be in one of these boats many times over the past 20 years that I was a dedicated scuba diver.  I saw many sunsets like this in a dusk dive before going back down an hour later to see up to 20 six to 12 foot wide graceful manta rays doing an […]

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Over the Top End of The Big Isle to Kona

  I feel almost underwater my last morning in Hilo it was so humid.  The searing sun amplified the drowning sensation and sweat poured from as I entered the coolth cocoon of the car.  It’s a winding and slow cruise up the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, heading for the cow pastures and cactus […]

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Early AM Farmers Market & More in Hilo

  Up with the birds this morning at 5 am loving the coolth of the morning in Hilo ready to hit the Hilo Farmers Market for a 6am opening.  It will be a little less populated due to the Puna farmers getting hit by the hurricane but I vow to find a new breakfast joint, […]

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Full Moon in the Middle of a Day

  Hilo is a sleepy town but thrilling to wake up to early and explore.  After a cold brewed ice coffee from Bears which I’ve caffeinated at for over 35 years and a loco moco (two scoops of brown rice, onions, gravy, burger patty and an egg on top) which gave me the energy to […]

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It’s Not High/Low, it’s Hee/Low, Hilo Hawaii

  I like to start my sojourn in the islands of Hawaii in the wet spot.  Hilo is a sultry town that is occasionally bathed in sweat and buffeted by breezes, a sleepy burg of old streets, wooden storefronts, no strip malls of new brands and a lot of harbour and industry.  It has an […]

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Mr Marvel Mavro

I’ve been a public stomach for some time now in my travel writing and had the fortune to eat in some of the grandest pubs around the world.   Not that I’m  a food snob, rather I am curious and find myself sated in the oddest places.  Here I am in Honolulu for my first […]

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Getting Ready for a Maui Moon

Just published in the AU Review and only two weeks away now. Ka’anapali Fresh!  A true culinary experience.

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Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?

I make a point of hitting “The City That Care Forgot” every year when I go to South by Southwest and this year was no exception. In updating my food and music internal database, I discovered a lot of new places and shared them in the March issue of Rhythms Magazine, my second article fo […]

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Rocky Mountain Highs in Denver

I’m lucky to travel the world and share my writing, especially with Rhythms Magazine which is Australia’s Blues, Roots, World, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Country and Americana monthly in print, online and with an iPad app. This month I was able to share my views on Denver, the Mile High City where recreational marijuana use was […]

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Counting the Days to Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival v4.0

I’ve been to the previous three incarnations of this incredible event which has grown from four feasts and several seminars on Oahu in Waikiki and West hotels to this year which incorporate a night in Maui again, a new event on the Big Island in Waikoloa and four primo nights in Oahu. Details have just […]

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Honolulu Good Food Guide Now Online

Honolulu is where virtually every holiday begins in Hawaii and I’ve had the great fortune of sampling some of the great top end restaurants but also the mom ‘n’ pop hole-in-the-wall spots and growers markets.  This comes more from my participation in three annual Hawaii Food and Wine Festivals held first week of September where […]

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111 of Tripp’s Top Travel Tips

Back in December, News Ltd Sunday papers and their online site were filled with promotion of an article I did on the 50 best travel tips.  It’s on their site at in the Melbourne paper but also across all others. I actually produced 111 of which they cherry picked what was appropriate for their […]

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The City of Ditches, Doobies & Daydreams

I love writing for Rhythms Magazine which is the premiere roots, blues, country, jazz, world and other niche music print and online site.  Overt the past three years, I’ve been compiling city guides to the top music destination urban areas outside of Australia, mostly int he US.  It’s been gratifying due to the feedback from […]

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Viva Lost Wages

I am not a real fan of Las Vegas but it can be a cool place to go to even for normal people.  This article is published in my regular travel column for Rhythms Magazine as of January 1 and may serve you as a guide to having fun rather than replaying ‘Hangover’. Here’s […]

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50 Best Travel Tips in News Ltd Sunday Papers & Online

Got a great run and a lot of reaction to the article that I produced for the News Ltd website and Sunday papers on 50 Best Travel Tipa. There are another 50 to come out soon.

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Old Red Eye Returns

My second fave city in the world next to Nawlins in Louisiana is Amsterdam which is featured in this month’s issue of Rhythms Magazine.  It’s a music destination of a different sort than the ones I’ve done over the past couple of years for Rhythms which were all in the US.  This one makes my […]

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Life Glows On!

I could be sad.  My dear friend up The Hill from me, John Bromell, died in the past fortnight and I just got back from his wake in Sydney and am now settled back in to home.  With a dawn like this, smoke-tinged red, yellow orb of sun blazing through, sweet breezes rolling up the […]

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