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Viva Lost Wages

I am not a real fan of Las Vegas but it can be a cool place to go to even for normal people.  This article is published in my regular travel column for Rhythms Magazine as of January 1 and may serve you as a guide to having fun rather than replaying ‘Hangover’. Here’s […]

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Old Red Eye Returns

My second fave city in the world next to Nawlins in Louisiana is Amsterdam which is featured in this month’s issue of Rhythms Magazine.  It’s a music destination of a different sort than the ones I’ve done over the past couple of years for Rhythms which were all in the US.  This one makes my […]

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Marvo Mavro!

Marvo is short for marvelous in Australian.  We Australians are lazy, don’t like wasting syllables and like to shorten names by cutting most of it and adding an o at the end, like John-o, Mike-o, or their last name shortened with an o. Had he emigrated to Australia like me, George Mavrothalassitis would have been […]

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West Side Story–Ko’olina Explodes for Food & Wine

I was wondering how I’d possibly make it through the last day of the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival with two events in one day.  Girls Got Game +1 in Waikiki’s Hyatt was a two hour tour de force for the female chef and after an hour ride to Marriott’s Ihilani Spa and Resort, I […]

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Girls Got Game +1

With a fascination for women’s volleyball and basketball and a team named the Rainbow Wahines, you’d think this Saturday event was going to be held in a dark, smoky sports bar. But no,  it was on the bright rooftop restaurant SHOR topping the mezzanine of the Hyatt Regency Hotel perched above Waikiki Beach. I love […]

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Coming up Trumped!

  It’s getting towards the sixth week on my trip over in the US with five of them in Hawaii.  Still a week to go and I’m staying in three more hotels. I just moved out of the Aqua Palms Spa which is my favorite little hotel if I have to pay, usually getting a […]

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Hi Ho Ho’oilo

  Like Amy and Dan who had migrated from Alaska and the Northwest US to escape the cold and establish Ho’oilo House, I was fleeing winter in Australia for Maui.   Ho’olio in Hawaiian for winter and this spacious six suite retreat, high in the West Maui mountains, is the perfect escape from it.   […]

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Maui and the Food Revolution

Counting down the days until the Ka’anapali Fresh Food Festival which is previewed in this fine mag Maui Time by Jen Russo

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