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MiGrant Makes for a Magic Meal on Maui

  I was ready for a solo meal in supercharged Chef Sheldon’s MiGrant restaurant but I got an email from old mate Shep Gordon who is the unofficial Mayor of Maui and one of the leading Princes in the Music Industry of Old.  I was told to show up at six for a meal with […]

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Maui Munches On Where the World Comes to Play! Ka’anapali Fresh on the Beach

  It’s the third year of the three-day Ka’anapali Fresh Culinary Experience which I have thrice had the good fortune to attend at one of the best beaches in the world.  Ka’anapali Beach–Where The World Comes to Play–is also where it comes to eat along three miles of golden sand with a master planned resort […]

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Maui On My Mind and in My Mouth–A Starter

  Having left the LavaLand isle of Hawaii behind, it’s a new world on Maui–The Valley Isle–with a van ride to Lahaina where the boats rock merrily in the harbour.  I’ll be taking one for a four hour trip to the island of Molokai–The Friendly Isle–at dawn tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to luxuriate […]

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Manta Madness in LavaLand

I used to be in one of these boats many times over the past 20 years that I was a dedicated scuba diver.  I saw many sunsets like this in a dusk dive before going back down an hour later to see up to 20 six to 12 foot wide graceful manta rays doing an […]

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Over the Top End of The Big Isle to Kona

  I feel almost underwater my last morning in Hilo it was so humid.  The searing sun amplified the drowning sensation and sweat poured from as I entered the coolth cocoon of the car.  It’s a winding and slow cruise up the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, heading for the cow pastures and cactus […]

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It’s Not High/Low, it’s Hee/Low, Hilo Hawaii

  I like to start my sojourn in the islands of Hawaii in the wet spot.  Hilo is a sultry town that is occasionally bathed in sweat and buffeted by breezes, a sleepy burg of old streets, wooden storefronts, no strip malls of new brands and a lot of harbour and industry.  It has an […]

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Getting Ready for a Maui Moon

Just published in the AU Review and only two weeks away now. Ka’anapali Fresh!  A true culinary experience.

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111 of Tripp’s Top Travel Tips

Back in December, News Ltd Sunday papers and their online site were filled with promotion of an article I did on the 50 best travel tips.  It’s on their site at in the Melbourne paper but also across all others. I actually produced 111 of which they cherry picked what was appropriate for their […]

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50 Best Travel Tips in News Ltd Sunday Papers & Online

Got a great run and a lot of reaction to the article that I produced for the News Ltd website and Sunday papers on 50 Best Travel Tipa. There are another 50 to come out soon.

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Marvo Mavro!

Marvo is short for marvelous in Australian.  We Australians are lazy, don’t like wasting syllables and like to shorten names by cutting most of it and adding an o at the end, like John-o, Mike-o, or their last name shortened with an o. Had he emigrated to Australia like me, George Mavrothalassitis would have been […]

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Ihilani Means? Heavenly Splendour

The Hawaiian people take great pride in their language and the naming of places are carefully crafted to contain great meaning or thought.  As a child name it translates as ‘sacred one from Heaven’ but as a place name it means ‘Heavenly Splendor’.  The Ihilani I’ve just stayed at lives up to its name as […]

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Trump Hostage Crisis; Day 2

There you have it, a ground’s eye view of the glass-sided Trump Hotel Waikiki where in one of the front facing corner suites, it’s all happening.  One of the property’s catch cries is “Discover a New You, You Never Knew Existed”.  I have.   I’m a prisoner of luxury In my second day of being held […]

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Early Morning Dribbling Down my Chin

Every time I head for Honolulu, I make sure that I include a Saturday to be able to head for the KCC Farmer’s Market held on the lower slope of back-end Diamond Head. I make sure to get there at just past dawn (6:30 today) to be able to get a parking spot before the […]

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Ocean Vodka at 9am to Surfing Goat

    The 13th Ka’anapali Fresh Festival in Lahaina Hawaii has started with a bang for me. #kfresh13 As well as the other 30 or so travel and food writers invited to immerse ourselves in locavore fare. While the youngsters went ziplining, I opted for agritourism starting with the Ocean Vodka farm and distillery at […]

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Moaning for Moana

The magic in the air in Hawai’i is known as Mana and you know it better when you miss it. Though I am on an other island now, my thoughts keep going back to the Big Island, Hilo-side, down Pahoa-way, just off the volcano’s flow at Hale Moana, a comfy bed and breakfast tucked into […]

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Mama’s Fish House–35 years and counting

In 1978, I stage managed the Kol Pacific Jazz Festival at Waikiki Shell and my reward was a week in Maui with a Hawaiian honey who took me to this new little restaurant.  The owner Floyd had a dream to make the best eatery on Maui and acquired the land and a private beach area […]

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Maui On My Mind and In My Eyes

Ahhhhh moment… when that hot sun melts over the horizon and falls off just that side of Lanai.  I was in a public park on the side of a road when this moment came up and glad I captured it.  Just outside Lahaina.  

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Layin’ Out Lookin’ at Lanai

Up in the hills above Lahaina lays a lovely property called Ho’oilo House, a quiet, breezy, luxury Bed and Breakfast with six suites, an enticing pool and a Balinese feel, overlooking the Pacific and the island of Lanai across the channel.  Luxe!       Lush gardens, sweeping palm trees, shady massive saucers pouring water […]

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Two Steps To a Watery Nirvana

  When in Kona, I take the 30 mile drive to the Place of Refuge south of town, early in the morning where the ‘Two Step’ set of lava shelves make entry into this watery wonderland an easy in.  I scuba dive there with two tanks when I can and it’s a snap to get […]

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Choy’s Choice of a New Kona Eatery

I had a special lunch today with the irrepressible chef Sam Choy and his wonderful wife Carol at a new Kona restaurant called He’e on 74-5590 Palani Rd in a small shopping centre.  We talked story for an hour about all sorts of things interspersed with the locals paying homage to him at the table.  It […]

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