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Livestreaming From A Dying Heart

  Following the diagnosis of mitral valve failure in the left side of my heart, the need for open heart surgery to replace it and a triple bypass procedure while they are in there, I am now lined up to enter St Vincent’s Private Hospital to go under the knife in early May with my […]

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A Green Parrot Saved My Life

My feather kid Jackson turned 22 this week and I’ve been his companion since he was a couple of months old.  I found out his age taking him to his regular avian vet for the past decade for a well bird check, microchip reading, chlamydia blood test and nail clip.  As Dr Grabowski has said, […]

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Life Is A ReLaunch!

In This World, There Are People Who Live For a Long Time, And There Are People Who Live For a Good Time! You may not have heard from me for a while as I go through another transition.  This blog page is the only way to keep up as I doused the fire on Facebook. […]

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On The Dawn To 65! (Yawn…)

It’s been a long life, lots longer than I thought I’d make it through.  I ain’t dead yet but I can smell the flowers all around me where I live–frangipani, tuberose, gardenia, night-blooming jasmine and ginger–almost like a funeral parlor in my foyer.   I’m just turning 65 and start collecting the wonderful Australian pension […]

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