“Tripp’s Over The Hill” House And 2.5 Acre Property

High on an 800 metre hill overlooking Coffs Harbour–only one kilometre from the CBD, surrounded by native forest and plants with a clear view of the ocean but 500 metres from the nearest neighbour, this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath has two 6 kw solar systems and two Tesla batteries and is a high tech dream house. It also has a new rooftop sprinkler system for fire protection by rotatingmoverhead spray and fog from two 20,000 litre tanks as well as city water powered by two high pressure pumps.  Constant breezes cool the house in the summer heat while rain and flooding are not an issue due to high drainage from elevation.  Aside from its natural plant and tree environment, it’s also a sanctuary for a broad range of fauna and wildlife,


“Tripp’s Over The Hill” is its name while relaxation is its game.

Overhead view



Shielded from nearby homes with a sunny Northern aspect fringed by forest and an organic banana plantation, it’s a fertile environment for exotic plants, lush trees, prolific garden spaces and and established tall trees.  Birds abound, reptiles serve as pest protectors, frogs chorus in the night while at pre-dawn kookaburras sing their wakeup calls.  The symphony of chattering bird calls comes from a variety of native birds from rainbow lorikeets and king parrots through to bellbirds, hawks, sea eagles and cockatoos.

Solid throughout with modern amenities, a two person elevator rising from the two car garage and Smart Home Alexa voice-controlled network features, it is protected by an alarm system and seven video cameras. The elevation and winding driveway deter unwanted visitors–even the Mormon and Jehovahs Witness evangelists find this slice of Heaven too daunting.  A large wrap around balcony offers spectacular views cascading over Coffs Harbour but has strategic plantings that block out the town mostly, but not the ocean and hills panorama.  It is quiet, unaffected by the Coffs Bypass being built on a facing hill over a kilometre away and the only sounds you hear are prolific  bird calls and the breezes as they rustle through the frangipani trees encircling the balcony and house.  You can see the property lines below.

Two solar system arrays are visible along with a solar hot water heater, fruit trees and a small square garden space.

The front of house day starts with pastel sunrise vistas from all bedrooms, kitchen and lounge that are awe inspiring with the sun setting in pastels over the backyard hill and surrounding forest. The townside hill is cleared for two acres with lime and orange trees, a starfruit tree and surrounded with  planters at the driveway filled with fruits and vegetables.   The front balcony is built to hold a row of troughs outside the railing, planter space on the inside fully irrigated with computer control.


More than ample parking compliments the two car garage with roller doors.

Side of house under balcony showing beehive, passionfruit vines,wrap around planter troughs and frangipani trees.






















Exotic plants abound including massive Heliconias, seven multi-hued frangipani trees ferns, an intoxicating jasmine wall running along the backyard to royal basil bushes filed with buzzing native bees (stingless), seven multi-hued frangipani trees adding their fragrance perfumed by gardenias and tuberose troughs. Rock walls hide reptile and amphibian families and small mammals.

A baby monitor goanna loves eggs at the foyer




Two 20,000 litre water tanks are connected by pumps and feed three irrigation setups while the most recent addition of a rooftop high pressure sprinkler system guarantees quick wildfire and ember protection over the entire house in rotating streams and mist powered by solar power during the day and three nights of continuous battery power for uninterrupted protection.  It is controlled manually and remotely by smart phone and voice from anywhere in the world.


There is a cool brick 400 bottle bluestone wine cellar in the basement and a two person elevator between garage and main floor

























2 6.4 kw Megawatt solar systems

2 Tesla batteries

Solar water heater with ac override

Grand roof spray and rotary sprinkler system for fire proofing manually controlled and remotely by phone

2 20,000 litre water tanks with pump

Second pump for town water pressure

side house smart irrigation system

storage shed

2 compost bins


gutter guard



Elevator—Compact Elegance Plus cable powered installed 2019



For two people & cargo up to 220 kg total

Connects from breakfast room kitchen to underground garage 2 meters from car

Tucked into Tiki Bar with balcony cutout.


Wheelchair accessible plus one person




























Custom built Tiki Bar to hide elevator to garage with swinging canopy door that opens upward into bar





6 camera HR Next video system with 30 day remote storage sending alerts of movement by phone or text

Keyed Crimsafe screen doors for front and back doors and two screen panels for office and living room in front foyer

Highly sensitive microwave proximity sensor with timed loud alarm system at front door.

Ring video doorbell at front door that sends photo/video of any approaching persons as well as greeting them.

Foyer entryway hi-res video camera with two way voice ability, also instantly monitorable.

Driveway solar proximity lights. Garage  and driveway video cameras. Garage and side building spotlights






Vintage Tiki hut bar hiding elevator floor panel with swinging upward bar door canopy and four seats


ocean & dawn/dusk vistas down hill

overview video camera

irrigation sprinkler system for pots and troughs lining balcony rails

Four outdoor speaker Bose stereo super system with voice control


200 kilo  two metre iron offset Texas smoker and BBQ

Weber large BBQ






Balinese two metre long teak day bed with cushions on balcony























One long and one square table with 8 cushioned benches













outdoor 5 litre air fryer



Outdoors room for two cars with twin covered garages undercover.  Electric remote controlled.

Five large chest high corrugated steel planters. irrigated.

Large hanging bird feeder and  water dish

Master bedroom

ocean and dawn views down hill



Large double closet with extra modules at aides and overhead.

queensize electric adjustible massaging  bed

teak TV / storage cabinet for large unit

large walk in closet with two long rails. six open double shelves and upper storage

Master bathroom

Toto top bidet with warmed seat and water feed

2-3 person hot tub

Large shower with pebbled floor

Sun lamps / fan on ceiling


2nd bedroom

Fronts onto mini rain forest with grape vines, ferns, bromeliads and shady slatted roof

Can also be trimmed and cleared for views to ocean and over the hill to dawn panorama

Large closet with extra storage

room for a king size bed



Ocean and dawn views down hill

3rd bedroom

room for a king size bed

Can also be trimmed and cleared for views to ocean and over the hill to dawn panorama

Large closet with extra storage



Wide picture windows with ocean and dawn views down hill


Kitchen Eating area

Bay windows for extra wide breakfast table and chairs setting.

Wide ocean and dawn views down hill

Island area separates kitchen and eating area with room for four tall boy chairs  for snacking.

Parquet floors throughout


The kitchen features a Miele three burner induction stove, Ariston double fan forced oven and exterior balcony Phillips air fryer for smokeless cooking.  The backyard boasts a well seasoned Texas offset smoker  big enough for a pig, goat or slow cooking and smoking three briskets, eight large racks of ribs and a large Weber barbecue on a cart.  There are two redwood tables on the balcony with padded benches to fit 15 people and if a nap is needed, a full sized Balinese teak day bed also padded.


Wildlife & environment

A family of 10 yellowtailed black cockatoos roost and feed in the tall macadamia tree during the day.  Kookaburras greet the morning lightly at dawn from the balcony rail. While at dusk from the north hills you can see from the left a continuing cloud of bats 100 metres away that fly at house level silently going to feed over the hill to the right.

Kangaroos with joeys and wallabies cavort all over the property.  

A flock of several dozen rainbow lorikeets fight over the bird feeders under the balcony and in the driveway while a family of 10 king parrots compete for seed on feeders while the occasional lace monitor goanna (of four resident here) suns itself on the stairs.




Harmless and friendly carpet pythons from one metre babies to a 5 metre mother abound meaning no opossums, rats or mice.

A pair of bush turkeys clean the seed from under the feeders at dusk and dawn competing with rainbow lorikeets and king parrots for the scraps

Extensive native plantings surround the house including heliconias, banksia, grevilleas, fragrant various coloured frangipanis, a rear wall across the windowed back of house with intoxicating star jasmine, bottlebrushes, lilly pilly, kangaroo paws and wattle. Lush banks of royal basil spreading along the back fence attract hundreds of native stingless bees in their perfumed branches  There are two well established native bee hives under the balcony and large magnolia tree.

Hibiscus and ginger spread across the house sides among the heliconias. Perfumed tuberoses poke out of planter troughs that encircle the balcony.

Mature fruit trees include Meyer limes, valencia oranges, tropical starfruit, kaffir lime. mulberry and passionfruit vines. Edible ginger, Jerusalem artichokes, baby red & yellow tomatos, chili plants and okra fill chest high planters around the

Driveway planters for veggies.



Spring onions abound fronting the massive macadamia



























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