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Phil’s Phave Places

Everybody has a secret place they don’t want to share with anyone else–they say the person who finds Paradise will make sure no one else can find it. I believe we all find our faves some time in life and I’m happy as an ex rock ‘n’ roll tour manager who travelled the world and now a travel writer, to hip you to great locales and hidden treasures. So here they are and they will be added to and updated with regularity.  It starts with Kona Hawaii on The Big Island and then Maui followed by New Orleans with extensive information on where to eat, sleep and howl.


Tripp’s Travel Writing

Phil TrippPhil started writing about travel when he got bored investigating or analysing the music industry. He’s penned travel articles for inflight magazines such as Qantas and Continental, done pieces for newspapers and mainstream media, even a few for street press.

His major travel series started with Business Review Weekly magazine–the Australian equivalent of Forbes or Fortune–where his pieces were targeted at time-poor but cash-rich people who needed to plan no-fail holidays without regard to cost. The BRW Brio Magazine was where it started as an insert and many of his articles ended up online, but now behind the BRW firewall.

In September 2007, he was asked by travel editor Peter Holmes of the Sunday Telegraph–Australia’s most-read Sunday paper–to do a series of pieces on lifestyle travel with a focus on his former homeland, the US, his knowledge of music festivals and genres as well as exotic locales. Many of these have been syndicated to other newspapers through News Limited and appear on the website and Escape Magazine website.

Following his retirement from publishing in late 2010, he picked up Rhythms Magazine, one of the leading music magazines in print and online as Roving Travel Editor.  He’s doing a regular feature bimonthly spotlighting music cities overseas, their festivals, quirky accommodation and native food sources. These started with New Orleans in April 2011 and Austin in June followed by Chicago, Memphis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Amsterdam, New Orleans, Cajun Country, Miami, Los Angeles, Honolulu and other Hawaiian islands.

He’s written more about Hawaii and its outer islands than any other destination, having clocked in 60 trips to the Sandwich Islands since stage managing a major jazz festival there in the mid 70s.  His Hawaiian pieces have revolved around Kona Coffee, Island style music, back roads and byways, Hawaii Regional Cuisine and especially shopping for the newspapers.  He also did a Top Ten Hawaii Hotels and Resorts for Luxury Travel Magazine from each island ( ) as well as a major set of food pieces for the Honolulu Good Food Guide online magazine for Hawaii Tourism Oceania (

He’s also penned pet travel pieces as a Come Sit Stay column with Urban Animal Magazine since 2004 giving tips on the best pet friendly accommodation within easy reach of Sydney by car.

In reverse order, here are the continuously updated series of Tripp’s adventures ( Some are direct links to existing websites of the media he writes for, others are PDFs or JPGs of articles in easy to download sections. We’ve included both where the print edition has extra photos.


Tripp’s Travel Advice

Phil TrippPhil Tripp is a former rock ‘n’ roll tour manager and music executive who has travelled the world babysitting major artists and attending music conferences and festivals in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and Europe. He is now a travel writer, having converted a hobby of over a decade ago to a revenue stream. He shares his tips for finding the best deals, getting around problems and travel techniques of the not so rich and famous.

In December 2013, the News Ltd group of Sunday papers commissioned him to produce 50 Great Travel Tips as a major feature

He took that original piece and expanded it to 111 for this site’s readers.


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