Maui Noodle Joint Gets My Stars

The buzz on Maui is for a spacious joint at the end of a circuitous industrial area drive where casual lunch is a mix of suits, yellow shirt laborers and floral kitted tourists.  Star Noodle is the creation of star chef Sheldon Simeon who honed his chops at the local culinary schools and Aloha Mixed Plate.   Like many great Hawaii chefs, his first place is in an industrial district (i.e. Sam Choy) or a food truck.


star lunch

I had lunch there twice it was so good and my server Charlotte was also a star and exemplifies why American waitstaff are so great compared to their Aussie counterparts.  In between singing the praises of the immensely varied yet small menu, she also rhapsodized local places for the tourists to try out, mating the venues to their tastes and temperaments.  Especially yummy were their muddled citrus drinks which they made for me with Splenda rather than simple sugar syrup and also a StarRita margarita which was slightly embalming.


First day lunch was a $3 Kim Chee bowl of fermented cabbage, chili and other delights which is an acquired taste.  I’ve not quite gotten it but this is my fourth attempt.  Second up was a pohole salad of Maui fiddlehead fern greens, ebi, Maui Onion and kombu at only $8 and it was a delight.  I had to try their Hapa Ramen Noodles soup with pork and pork broth, bamboo shoots, poached egg and spicy miso among other veggies for only $12.  Heaven!  But no way to finish the meal.





star scallop

Next day it was a smaller attempt with Scallop Shots; three scallops on sticks in cups with Wafu dash, scallion, ginger and lemon EVOO.  Fragrant, delicate and flavorful.  That was tailed with a Singapore Noodle dish that used chicken and shrimp with transparent noodles served with sides of Shrirachi hot sauce, sweet red chili sauce and shoyu soy.  Total tab $25 and Charlotte comped me a mango flan that was not sweet but luscious with new season fresh mango.



star sing noodThey have two ranges of noodles–soups and stir fries as well as their adventurous appetizers.  I’ve heard that the evenings are a little stuffier with a packed crowd of noisy up-and-comers but lunch is a divine experience.and-comers but lunch is a divine experience.

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