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Ocean Vodka at 9am to Surfing Goat

    The 13th Ka’anapali Fresh Festival in Lahaina Hawaii has started with a bang for me. #kfresh13 As well as the other 30 or so travel and food writers invited to immerse ourselves in locavore fare. While the youngsters went ziplining, I opted for agritourism starting with the Ocean Vodka farm and distillery at […]

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Napili Kai–My Slice of Paradise!

      I’m fortunate to be a guest again at Napili Kai Resort  which for 50 years has been a mecca for the discerning traveller who doesn’t want a massive hotel or chain hostelry.  It sits just like pictured above between the islands of Lanai left and Molokai at right in a secluded bay […]

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Maui Noodle Joint Gets My Stars

The buzz on Maui is for a spacious joint at the end of a circuitous industrial area drive where casual lunch is a mix of suits, yellow shirt laborers and floral kitted tourists.  Star Noodle is the creation of star chef Sheldon Simeon who honed his chops at the local culinary schools and Aloha Mixed […]

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Hi Ho Ho’oilo

  Like Amy and Dan who had migrated from Alaska and the Northwest US to escape the cold and establish Ho’oilo House, I was fleeing winter in Australia for Maui.   Ho’olio in Hawaiian for winter and this spacious six suite retreat, high in the West Maui mountains, is the perfect escape from it.   […]

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Feeding my Kona Coffee Addiction

Anyone who knows me understands that coffee is one of the few vices left for me to savor–all the great ones begin with the Letter ‘C’; think about that and make a list.  Death before decaf and self-immolation before instant, but my craving is for Kona coffee as well as that from the neighboring Ka’u. […]

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Moaning for Moana

The magic in the air in Hawai’i is known as Mana and you know it better when you miss it. Though I am on an other island now, my thoughts keep going back to the Big Island, Hilo-side, down Pahoa-way, just off the volcano’s flow at Hale Moana, a comfy bed and breakfast tucked into […]

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Mama’s Fish House–35 years and counting

In 1978, I stage managed the Kol Pacific Jazz Festival at Waikiki Shell and my reward was a week in Maui with a Hawaiian honey who took me to this new little restaurant.  The owner Floyd had a dream to make the best eatery on Maui and acquired the land and a private beach area […]

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Maui On My Mind and In My Eyes

Ahhhhh moment… when that hot sun melts over the horizon and falls off just that side of Lanai.  I was in a public park on the side of a road when this moment came up and glad I captured it.  Just outside Lahaina.  

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Maui and the Food Revolution

Counting down the days until the Ka’anapali Fresh Food Festival which is previewed in this fine mag Maui Time by Jen Russo

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Layin’ Out Lookin’ at Lanai

Up in the hills above Lahaina lays a lovely property called Ho’oilo House, a quiet, breezy, luxury Bed and Breakfast with six suites, an enticing pool and a Balinese feel, overlooking the Pacific and the island of Lanai across the channel.  Luxe!       Lush gardens, sweeping palm trees, shady massive saucers pouring water […]

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Maui’s Mala Trifecta

Working through 3 eateries in a row in North Lahaina. Mark Ellman’s Mala first, then his Honu and at end of block, Aloha Mixed Plate.

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Two Steps To a Watery Nirvana

  When in Kona, I take the 30 mile drive to the Place of Refuge south of town, early in the morning where the ‘Two Step’ set of lava shelves make entry into this watery wonderland an easy in.  I scuba dive there with two tanks when I can and it’s a snap to get […]

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Choy’s Choice of a New Kona Eatery

I had a special lunch today with the irrepressible chef Sam Choy and his wonderful wife Carol at a new Kona restaurant called He’e on 74-5590 Palani Rd in a small shopping centre.  We talked story for an hour about all sorts of things interspersed with the locals paying homage to him at the table.  It […]

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Kona Hawaii Restaurant update

You’ll see a section Phil’s Phave Places here that spotlights my favourite place, Kona Hawaii.   I spent six days in Kona late August and found some old flavorful  friends closed but some hot new contenders rocking it. Last year I experienced the raw fish restaurant Da Poke Shack on Alii Drive outside the Kona Bali […]

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In The Belly of The Beast

The crater of Halemaumau in Hawaii’s Kilauea Caldera is a staggering sight at night as the lava lake lights up the skies and clouds with the Milky Way behind it. I’ve been to this crater maybe 50 times over the past three decades and this is it at its most brilliant.

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The Absinthe Temple

Facing the valley from the back of the Bird Room is a hutch full of spirits and glasses as well as reflections of Jackson’s Parrot Day House. The skin you see arcing across the hutch is a 3.5 metre, five year old shedding from Petula, the house Carpet Python, who resides in the roof cavity. […]

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Ride ‘Em Cowboy

Jackson loved to ride the blender that made margaritas of all sorts as well as daiquiris or other frozen concotions and he rode it well! But after 15 years of heavy use, the Breville, which is as old as Jackson is young, finally gave up the ghost in a cloud of rubber smoke. So today, […]

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First Week In… Just starting up the site now that a few glitches have been cured. This is my first post though I’ve read no manual nor had instruction. That happens Thursday when the webmistress ( Sam Howland of Bad Hat Harry, who created this site from the previous HTML site, comes in and tutors […]

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